This year has seen the world become a different place and while things seem to be standing still here in Australia, international trade is still moving. While we are all struggling to make sense of the new landscape, we believe now is a great time to consider export.


It’s a great chance to explore and conduct some initial online research to identify new opportunities and start developing a plan to explore new markets and give your revenue a boost.


If you need some help with the how and where to start, that’s what this project is about. It’s a FREE kick-start into helping you take a look at just what’s possible for you and your business in this new global landscape.


How’s it going to work?

A 15 to 20 minute free conversation with our team will provide you with some clarity into what can sometimes be a difficult and complex task.


We’re a bit different as an export advisory company because (and this might sound strange) we actually do international trade. We take products or concepts such as yours and build pathways with clients.


Who is CVEN?

CVEN are your team of international trade experts. With over 20 years of experience we can offer more than just advice. Every day we deal with customs authorities, negotiate with procurement managers and draft documents to send things around the world.

We truly are different.


What can you expect from this consultation?

We will ask you to introduce your product (and will encourage you to send some material prior the meeting) and discuss your ideas about exporting.


You can expect our team to provide you with advice on:

  • How to go about evaluating an overseas business program
  • What that venture might look like
  • Any initial compliance, regulatory or logistics challenges you might want to consider


Can I get more help if needed?

Absolutely. We deal in all aspects of international trade everyday so if you’re getting value out of our experiences, then talk to us further about your specific needs.


More about our work

CVEN’s clients are not just large Australian exporters. Some of the most engaging projects we have worked on are with businesses just getting started. Breaking through the roadblocks if you like.


From leveraging Government funding to supporting freight and logistics. Pricing, export documentation, buyer profiling and contract negotiations. We are a very hands on team.


You can read more about our work on our resources page and check out our services pack to get you thinking about how this project might help you kick start your sales overseas.


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