Export Management Services

What we do?

We export.

We know the tricks of the trade. Our export management provides you with a streamlined and effective program that is customised to your unique business needs. With us, you will get it right the first time.

Objectives & Marketing Plan

We work with you to confirm your objectives and formulate a plan.

Product Review

Not all products are suitable for all markets. Issues with import standards, consumer preferences and pricing – do it right, do it once.

Export Plan

Exporting is expensive and mistakes are costly. Use our experience to build a plan based on market intelligence, trade data and experience.

Export Entry Requirments

A key step in confirming a market but usually the last undertaken by exporters. Ensure your destination accepts your product before you invest.

Pricing & Logistics

Be competitive and maximise profit. Time and again, we achieve more profit for a product than our clients expected. It’s all in the research.

Export Marketing

Competition internationally is intense and your advantage here is not always your advantage overseas – Use the right communication to win the business.

Customer Selection & Engagement

Time is short. Know who your customer is and how to reach them. Let the CVEN team target the right buyer and sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Export Procedures & Documentation

It’s onerous and can be a compliance nightmare but we move enough product to enough destinations to make it look easy.

Export Grants & Funding

Allow our team to help you leverage all available funding support from Government

Execution & Fulfilment

The day to day export operations fully managed by an experienced export team ensures you have time to focus on managing the business’ growth.
Exporting done right.

Our process

  • Developing your value proposition

    The international market place is highly competitive and you need to identify what it is that makes you stand out from the crowd. Our advisers work with you to identify your unique service proposition and how that meets the needs of your customers.

  • Strategic Business Review

    Our advisers gather information about your business, your product or service and the key industry drivers. The objective of the strategic review is to identify what the business does well and what areas our advisers need to help develop.

  • Export Development Plan

    Once we have undertaken a strategic review, our advisers will work to build an export development plan. Markets of opportunity are identified and the competitive landscape is evaluated. Country entry requirements are assessed and key markets are shortlisted.

  • Commercial Strategies

    Our advisers work to develop pricing policies based on the outcomes of the competitive review.
    IP protection, legal compliance, packaging and logistics strategies are established to ensure the client’s offering is clear, well positioned and profitable.

  • Marketing & Export Procedures

    Our marketing team realigns your communication messages to ensure your value proposition is clear and culturally relevant.
    Export procedures, documentation and contract templates are drafted to ensure the client’s interests are protected.

  • Customer Engagement & Growth

    Our trade advisers are experienced in international trade and have an impressive track record. They work with you before and after each customer meeting to support your cultural learning and drive business growth.

Australian Food Manufacturer seeks overseas expansion

Our Solutions

Processed Food Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer in their category, and with representation in all major and independent supermarkets throughout Australia, the management team sought expansion overseas.

“We were trying to open markets in the USA and Canada for over 2 years without much to show for our efforts. Anything you do in the US market costs you money and we had sunk well-over A$120,000 into the project without success.” Explains the manufacturer.

“The CVEN team were referred to us and that’s where our relationship started.”

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