Rofer Yu

Director – Asian Business Development

Rofer Yu migrated to Australia from Yunnan Province, Mainland China in 2008. Identified as a highly confident and proficient business student, her first responsibility was to the Campaspe Council (Echuca, Victoria) as their Chinese Economic Partnerships Officer. Rofer’s background in business administration in China was acknowledged as a key advantage to assist the local Government’s Economic Development team to foster trade relationships with China. Rofer maintained a working relationship with the CVEN until mid 2010 when the network formally engaged Rofer’s services to develop projects and opportunities for a wider range of regional export companies.

Rofer speaks fluent Mandarin, has a diverse network of Government and private sector contacts and provides our client’s with insights into the differing cultural aspects of doing business in Asia. Rofer holds a Degree in Business Administration, is a gifted presenter on Asian business culture and negotiation.

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