Australia set to become China’s largest source of imported wine

Australian wine exports to China soared 51% to $1billion this March according to Wine Intelligence’s most recent report, China Landscapes 2018
Australia is the world’s 4th largest exporter of wine with 777 million litres ($2.3billion worth) shipped to overseas shelves last year alone.

Selling wine in the local Australian market gets harder and more competitive each year, now is the time to think global.
Exporting adds an extra revenue stream to your business – and it’s good for our economy.

There is funding support available to you including:
 Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)
The Victorian wine growth fund
The Wine Export Grants

CVEN: The export team helping you seize opportunity by its grapes.


To provide Vic wineries with the opportunity to reach beyond the domestic market.

To award businesses the confidence to say yes to exports and to engage in opportunities that will open new sales channels.

To understand you don’t have to have containers of wine to sell to overseas buyers.

CVEN’s difference is that we do this every day.
The tools we use, the insights we provide and the marketing we leverage is all a product of our work building business opportunities in Asia.

Consider how advantageous it would be to have:

• A solid understanding of the step by step process to export wine from a team that exports every day.

• Clear rules, pricing and payment terms that are best practice, have less risk and anticipated by buyers.

• Documents that are set out for your company, on your templates and with your products and destinations in mind.

• An understanding of Asian business practices focused on negotiation, managing expectations and discounting.

Case Study

CVEN's success exporting wine to Asia

It takes more than just a good price point to win over an international buyer. CVEN shows how one Australian winery changed its message and behaviour to secure business and grow its export program.

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